MakeUp Tricks from the Pros

Dear Friends and Readers,

Sometimes when some makeup artist did my make up, I think I look like the bride of Frankenstein. ESPECIALLY in PICTURES! I surely hope you have not been exposed to makeup disasters like me, but Dutchess Catherine of Cambridge a.k.a. Kate Middleton must know what I am taking about




She surprised the tabloids with her decision to do her own makeup for the Royal Wedding. AND she was right… I have some pretty specific pet peeves too. So I do my own makeup all the time and I did also for my own wedding – I did my mom’s makeup too!!!

See the Bride of Frankenstein effect is when you look at the picture and you do not look at yourself at your best. You look … well (scratching my head) …. how do I say it nicely? like a person who is not what you want to portray to the world.  It is either the lipstick being too red, or the eyeshadow of an odd color or too shimmery, or the foundation too pasty.

In the very rare occasions I had a makeup artist doing my makeup I brought my products, brushes and so on. I know what I buy and I try to get the best for my budget.

I have a couple of make up companies that I really like, and use on a daily basis. Most importantly they are the most succesful in making me look like myself just better. Some websites also have videos of the brand leaders in action like Bobbi Brown, for example.

You can actually LEARN from in store consultation. I suggest avoiding weekend and holidays for this but at every beauty counter in the country there is always an artist willing to teach you if you are willing to buy a couple of products.

For example the Nars Store  in the West Village, the Armani Cosmetics counter at Bloomingdales, or the Laura Mercier counter at Henri Bendell and the MACstore, of course.

If I need to update my routine, I go in, browse what they have and make an appointment. No more Bride of Frankenstein, thank you very much!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend…