Favorites: St. Tropez Self Tanners

Dear Friends and Followers,

If all goes well, spring is here! It been a long LONG winter with more snow and head colds that I would have liked. I cannot wait for sundresses and bathing suits. Oh wait, I will have to lose the winter muffin top first!

With the warmer weather not only I need to change my skincare routine (more on that later) but need I get some color on my pasty legs.

As every Italian worth his/her passport I love spring and summer the most, and I really wish I could be a sun worshipper like the rest of my Country. But I am just not ready to age quite yet so fake tan is my best friend along with a very VERY good SPF.

The biggest problem with sunless tanning is the color, it has to be believable and I really do not like the idea of looking like an hoompa-loompa. Since I am so petite I would easily be taken for one… There are many options available in beauty stores right now but I do have a favorite that I faithfully buy every year: St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

This is how it all began: In 1999 when I was in London I read on a magazine that Victoria Adams, also known as the mother of all the fashionistas Victoria Beckham, was using this self tanner. And Kylie Minogue was no stranger either! So I got myself a bottle of this aloe-based concoction that sure as heck made me look and feel like a bronze goddess. It used to be a thick lotion with the texture of melted chocolate and an aloe smell. Sure enough it would make my bedsheets brown while I was on my way to bronze goddess status. I remember my mom not being overly happy at laundry time but that was (and still is) the price of saving my skin from very nasty things, last but not least wrinkles. So Vanna in the end approved.

Now St. Tropez fortunately also makes a mousse version that is much lighter than the original version so here we go – last week I got myself an order that will last me until September! For complete disclosure I should say that I also bought the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body so that I will be able to keep up the good tan in between tanning sessions.

Next week I will give you a tour of my make up and skincare bag so you can see what I am using right now!