RestoReview: Blue Hill (NYC)

Dear friends and readers,

Here we go again, another week another review. But this time I have to admit my ignorance. Up to a couple of years ago I had no idea a restaurant called Blue Hill existed. “How could it be that a proud daughter of NYU did not know this jewel of Washington Square?” you might ask. I have no clue but it might very well be because from the outside this restaurant is unassuming and has very much the feel of a classy neighborhood place more than a restaurant with a bona fide waiting list.

As suggested from a friend not so long ago, I decided to make a reservation during the week, when getting in is a lot easier. So last week the pirate are schedule to meet after work at Blue Hill in Washington Street.

Only problem is that… the pirate gets lost in the alleys around Washington Square park twice and calls me to ask for the exact address…. “it was in my email” I reply with a sense of feminine superiority. Let me shed some light on the couple dynamics: when we are in a new place (be it a city we are visiting or even some area of NYC we are familiar with) the pirate thinks he can find his way around using Google Maps. I, on the other hand, prefer to ask a local. The Pirate’s approach has lead to driving around in circles many times. My approach has lead to us being rescued in the outskirts of Lima by a gentleman installing antennas and dishes, but that’s a story for another time.

Let’s go back to Dan Barber and his Blue Hill. The pirate orders the special egg and I order the winter salad. Meanwhile we eat the wonderful warm baguette that the waitress puts in front of us. When the winter salad arrives I confess I have not seen such a beautiful presentation in a very long time. The dish is as pleasing to the eye (the representation of a beautiful winter garden with root vegetables, apples and pears) as it is delicious. The special egg for the pirate is a creamy organic poached egg that, when popped oozes on a risotto style cereal – decadent to the point that you might actually day dream about it.

Entrée for myself is lamb and venison for the pirate. Again 2 beautiful dishes with an amazing flavor combination. And may I add also that the Jerusalem artichokes were really good but next time I will try the potatoes? The couple next to us had the crispy potatoes and they looked and smelled heavenly.

Dessert was simple with apples and a dulce de leche style caramel. I wanted to order more to go, then I remembered I am supposed to be detoxing right now so I gave up…. But come on, the meal was phenomenal, with great fresh ingredients and cooked with a light but flavorful touch. Thank you Dan Barber and sorry I have not visited before. We will be coming back for more soon to see you work your magic with other seasonal ingredients!